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Welcome to encircle media

The Proposal

Provide a Strategy – driven by content – that is hard-hitting, creative, credible, and insightful. Use new and existing sources to differentiate your brand from the rest and allow us to arrest the mic. We know where the various target markets consume their information, who influences them, and how best to direct your messaging in a way that will not only intrigue them but convert them to customers.

Business Approach

Our business strategy is an outline of the actions and decisions a company plans to take to reach its business goals and objectives




Our Services

Campain Management

Encircle Media provides quarterly campaign maintenance on all activities. We provide social media campaigns, content, and influencer management.

Account Management

The team is constantly available to ensure that all key stakeholders feel supported at times. This is either through weekly meetings etc 

Monitoring & Reporting

Encircle Media gives a detailed analysis of every campaign. This is to assist the team at large to make informed and impactful decisions.